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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the class?

Classes will be from 9am - 5pm.


what do I bring to class?

An unloaded handgun, two magazines, ear and eye protection, and 50 rounds of ammunition.


What if I don't have a handgun, ear, eye protection?

If you do not have these items, they will be provided for range use, free of charge.


What if I do not have ammunition?

If you do not have ammunition, you can either buy some at the range or I can supply them at a reasonable price.


How do I transport my firearm?

Without a CPL, you must have the firearm in a case and unloaded.  Ammunition must be in a separate container both transported in the trunk of your car or the furthest rear area of your vehicle.


what do I need to wear for class?

A shirt that will close around you neck to avoid hot brass from entering the front, closed toed comfortable shoes, and comfortable clothing.


I've never fired a handgun and i'm nervous.

Our training is low stress and not overbearing.  After the hands-on training, coupled with the range firing/qualification, you will be confident with your ability.


What is the cost of youR course?

Cost will include a range fee, class fee of $120, and an ammunition fee if needed.  Please call for more details.


How old do you need to be to attend classes?

You must be 21 years of age and older to attend classes.

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