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Condition One LLC definitely lives up to its name “Premier CPL” training. Aki is friendly, super knowledgeable, and knows how to make you better. Although getting a CPL could be intimidating, this process wasn’t at all. I was able to get all my questions answered, I didn’t feel as though class was being rushed to be over, and he was able to easily pin point my mistakes so I could correct them. This is the best CPL training in the Metro Detroit area and I recommend anyone to come to him!


My better half took a class with Condition One, she wanted private instruction and they were professional and allowed her to learn at her own pace. She is grateful for the instructors patience and was quickly improving. She plans to go back and get her CPL training from here.


Excellent place to shoot. He is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.


Aki was my instructor and he was Great! Very pleasant and hospitable’ He took his time explaining each entity of the course and also implemented scenarios so I could get a better understanding of what I was learning. The course was very interesting! Aki was very comfortable and easy to work with. He made the course enjoyable and understandable. I followed everything he taught me and the I did fantastic at the shooting range! The course was broken down to where it didn’t seem long at all. He explained everything and ensured I had a complete and thorough understanding before it was over. I would highly recommend Condition One LLC for your CPL and Defense Training.


Instruction staff was very professional and courteous. I feel much more proficient in my firearms knowledge.


very educated instructor taught me and my husband and did it very well we learned a lot and the class was very educational and the range part was really awesome


I have had instruction with firearms in the past, and Aki is by far the greatest teacher I have had. He was patient, immensely helpful and truly cared about us learning the proper techniques and safety methods when shooting. Not only did I feel comfortable firing the handguns, but I felt as though I could ask questions and he could communicate the answers both verbally and hands on that would fix whatever I was doing incorrectly. Not to mention, we had a great time doing it! I would recommend Aki to anyone, beginner or experienced, as it is apparent he has a passion for teaching and wants all of his students to be successful.


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